If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!


Thank you for your help. My tooth feels incredibly good, without discomfort, and my bite is incredible - YOU are incredible!


Always a positive experience. I most appreciate how the office runs efficiently and on time. I feel that my time is respected and I get the highest quality service! Everyone is a top professional and up-to-date on the latest procedures and treatment options. Thanks!


Always five-star care. Traveling all the way from Burbank for my dental care is worth every mile.

Gail G.

Your receptionist and hygienists are to be commended for providing friendly, attentive, outstanding professional service. This is the best dental office ever. Thank you.

William M.

I want to thank all of you for the superior customer service you have given to me on my recent visits to your dental office. I commend each and everyone of you for the excellent care that you have given me. I sincerely appreciate the thorough care, concern, and gentleness in which you have employed while meeting all of my recent dental needs. I am very grateful and thankful that I came to your office and received such outstanding care! I am truly happy with your services and very appreciative... to telephone later and check on me... who does that? Unbelievable! All of you should receive outstanding customer services awards.

With my sincere appreciation.

Thank you for taking good care of my brother. He is very dear to me. You gave him what I could not—a beautiful smile. He smiled and laughed before, but always kinda small and quiet with his head slightly tipped down. The day after he saw you, with just the temporary in, I noticed it. He smiled BIG and his head did not dip down. Now with his permanent bridge in he smiles a lot and you know, I think he even stands different...taller. You have lifted his head, shoulders, and spirit. Truly, your art changes lives.

Thanks for excellent work you did on my teeth. Dentistry in your office should be classified as a fine art! 

Bruce D.

Thank you for repairing my bonding on my front teeth. Now I can smile and feel confident again. This is the best dental facility in all of Southern California. I will never go to another dentist ever again!!  Thanks for being so caring and professional.
Susan S.

I find all the staff so positive and upbeat! I'm treated like family.

Karen C.

Thank you so much for the kindness and your great work you and your staff did for my chipped tooth. It has really changed my life, and I have more confidence in my new smile.
Wayne B.

I've been to many dental offices over the years. I think your hygienists are the best. Your office is number one!
Barbara P.

I just want to take a minute to let you know that the last two visits to your office have been such a pleasure. I really appreciate how kind, gentle, and considerate you and your staff are.

As you worked on my teeth, you commented to me what you were doing and why; this is quite different in other dentist offices, and I really appreciate knowing what is going on in my mouth, since I can't see what you're doing. It's quite a vulnerable position to be in, and having you explain what you're doing is such a supportive and comforting feeling.

I have had previous experiences with dentists that were not pleasant and very painful, which, I believe, is the norm, rather than the exception. So I want you to know that your concern and compassion for your patients is much appreciated.

Sandra L.

Finally after 75 years, I actually look forward to dental appointments.

Joan C.

Thank you for giving me back my smile!

Judy G.

Thank you! I am so loving having found you and your wonderful staff! I'm actually being very good about keeping up my oral hygiene. You have inspired me.

Rebecca S.

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